Starting up smoothly

chatbot service for foreign entrepreneurs in Finland


Our project is about breaking down governmental silos, and helping foreigners settle in Finland and start a business. We want to make it easy and smooth for you to come here and start your journey as an entrepreneur. Our team brings together three governmental organisations who share the goal of developing a customer-oriented and practical service. We want to welcome you to join the adventure!


Nov 2018 - June 2019
Live pilot
Aug 2018
New partner: Finnish Patent & Registration Office joins the project
June 2018
Demo: Public demo of the system for public servants in Helsinki
March 2018
Project start: Finnish Immigration Service & Finnish Tax Administration kick off the collaboration


Slush Founders’ Day

During Slush Founders’ Day all attendees can try out the Starting up smoothly chatbots by themselves.

Starting up smoothly demo

We will introduce the working practices in this project, participants can try the solution themselves

Starting up smoothly is a collaboration between
For more information you can contact
Vesa Hagström
(main contact)

Chief Digital Officer at
Finnish Immigration Service

Olli Ilmarinen

Development Expert at
Finnish Patent & Registration Office

Janne Mattila

Development Specialist at
Finnish Tax Administration