Starting up smoothly

chatbot service for foreign entrepreneurs in Finland


Are you starting a business or considering bringing your current business to Finland? The chatbots can help you with your questions. They can also answer on topics related to working in Finland.

Please consider, that the bots are still under development but are learning fast. You can help us develop them further by asking them simple questions.


Nov 2018 - 2020
Live pilot
Aug 2018
New partner: Finnish Patent & Registration Office joins the project
Jun 2018
Demo: Public demo of the system for public servants in Helsinki
Mar 2018
Project start: Finnish Immigration Service & Finnish Tax Administration kick off the collaboration

Blog posts

During the project time we have published several blog posts documenting our working progress. Here is a list of all of them (some in English, some in Finnish):

  • Valtionhallinnon Chatbot-verkosto neuvoo ulkomaalaisia yrityksen perustamisessa link
  • Onboarding a new organisation to “Starting up Smoothly” — A Migri perspective link
  • From demo to public pilot — Documenting Starting up Smoothly working practices link
  • Collaborating to develop a chatbot network link
  • Onboarding a new organisation for a joint chatbot service link
  • Starting up smoothly — Connecting government agency information through chatbots link



The whole team has contributed to evaluate this project.

Link to the evaluation


of Janne Mattila presenting Starting up Smoothly at Keväthumaus 2019

Recording from the event (in Finnish, 15min)


from the demo event in June 2018, when we showed the multibot interaction for the first time

Recording from the event (Finnish & English, 1h 44min - this link starts with the English demo)

Starting up smoothly is a collaboration between
For more information you can contact
Susanne Miessner
Project coordinator

Service designer at
Finnish Immigration Service

Vesa Hagström

Chief Digital Officer at
Finnish Immigration Service

Olli Ilmarinen

Development Expert at
Finnish Patent & Registration Office

Milja Kiviranta

Development Specialist at
Finnish Tax Administration